Brian Littrell & AJ McLean with their wives at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

In A World Like This - Behind the scenes; Nick Carter.

“There’s gonna be more albums and there is gonna be a lot more music from Backstreet Boys for sure. Don’t worry. This isn’t the end.” — AJ McLean, in Glasgow, April 3rd, 2014. (x)

"Hi! I really love your blog! Been a BSB fan for almost 20 years now! It's made me so sad the past few years how mean some people have been about Brian's voice. It sadly took a little hit for some reason, but it's never sounded bad to me. Some people can be so harsh. But I've been watching some performances from 2014 on youtube and it sounds like he's getting better! What do you think? Do you think it's getting better? I'll always support the boys no matter what! Much love to you!" —Anonymous

HI! and brian has the voice of an angel, but i have noticed that his voice has had trouble hitting certain notes and i think that it has to do with him having the swine flu awhile… for the most part i think that really messed up his voice.

BUT YOURE RIGHT i think his voice HAS GOTTEN STRONGER (i dont think it’lll ever sounds like it was back in the day) but i think he’s working on getting some of it back

all the boys’ voices are so beautiful and they’ll always sound better and better with age <3333

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Title: Where Is The Love (unreleased)
Artist: Backstreet Boys
Played: 1774 times

EXCLUSIVE unheard & unreleased song from In A World Like This recording sessions, “Where Is The Love

"Welcome to the In A World Like This world tour and all five Backstreet Boys are back"